Woodlife Symposium

Woodlife Symposium is a three day digital joint venture seminar with examples from Sweden and Turkey, will present a series of projects and ideas, from past to future, and with case studies from present timber construction.

Wood as a renewable resource, the circularity aspects of design and implementations, as well as technological innovation of timber buildings will be at core of the three days of exchange and networking.

Woodlife Symposium aims to bring together Turkish and Swedish counterparts to discuss and be inspired by wooden architecture, promote sustainability and establish a future broad network of professionals in this field between Turkey and Sweden.

As a digital 3-day event, the symposium will focus on sustainability and wood architecture, to be inspirational in relation to transitioning to wood in the construction industry.

The symposium will take a holistic approach and include sections for architects, designers, students and universities, historians, the wood and construction industries, municipalities, city planners and decision makers with guest speakers from both Sweden, Turkey and abroad.

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