The 7th International Biogas and Biomethane Arena Workshop

Foto: Björn Leijon

Helena Sjögren, ansvarig bioenergi på Skogsindustrierna är en av talarna vid The 7th International Biogas and Biomethane Arena Workshop i Norrköping.

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Welcome to the 7th International Biogas and Biomethane Arena Workshop, Prof. Frank Scholwin, Institute for Biogas, Waste Management and Energy, Germany

Keynote: Possibilities for optimizing the carbon footprint in the energy-intensive pulp/paper industry, Mr. Nicola Rega, Climate Change & Energy Director, CEPI

Biogas from the Swedish forest industry and its role in the bioeconomy
Ms. Helena Sjögren, Head of Bioenergy Policy at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, Sweden

EffiSludge: a model project for energy savings and sustainability in the pulp and paper industry, Dr. Francesco Ometto, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB, Sweden

Primary Paper Sludge Hydrolysis by Live Cellulolytic Microorganisms for Economically Feasible Biogas Production, Dr. Murat Balaban, Episome Biotechnologies, Turkey

Anaerobic wastewater treatment at Trebsen paper mill for biomethane production and use – a German case, Mr. Simon Detscher, CEO, revis bioenergy GmbH, Germany

Valorization of industrial effluent through the recovery of energy as Biogas & Biomethane and recovery of water: cases applied for the Pulp and Paper industry, Ms. Jorien Van Geest, Veolia Biothane, Netherlands

Case Study Norrköping, Prof. Mats Eklund, Biogas Research Centre, Sweden

Brainstorming Session
Group work on important topics for Industrial Wastewater Management with focus on pulp and paper residues